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10:07 PM . 21 April 2013

a post that gives a quick summary of my novel planning

imageThis is my story binder

imageit has maps

imageand backstories

imageand character profiles

imageand plot summary tables.

I also have notes from various notebooks including

imagethe journal I got specifically for this project

imagemy proper writing notebook,

imageand other

various notebooks.

Now, on to Scrivener! 

imageI have maps and graphics,

imagenotes regarding the series as a whole, (look at how long the list of categories in the left-hand column is)

imageand stuff I’ve dumped there from other places

imagethat needs to be sorted.

This is getting exhausting, so just two more:

imagea folder full of word documents and

imagea list of things I need to do.

Don’t tell me I’m putting too much thought into this I already know.

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